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    dEEVOiR Holdings is a diversified group headquartered in Mumbai. The various businesses under dEEVOiR Holdings are Retail Analytics,Consulting,Trading,Learning & Development,Digital Marketing and Capital Advisory.


    PLANPRO is a spun off retail advisory arm of dEEVOiR which endeavours to provide various services, to retailers, under one roof. PLANPRO is a portmanteau of PLANning and PROducts. PLANPRO’s team of PLANning PROfessionals service vital business functions in the Retail Industry. PLAN the PROducts you wish to sell in your retail outlet or on your Online Store. Leave your Retail Outlet layout to our PLANogram PROfessionals; your product images, e-content and online marketplace management to our PLANning PROfessionals; reap the fruits of our engagement. It’s that SIMPLE!


    Our services mainly include

    • Planogramming
    • Imaging Services
    • Data Management
    • Online Marketplace Management Services

  • Planogramming

    A planogram is a graphic representation of the shelves, in any retail store; it represents the specific manner in which the products are displayed, so as to boost sales. For ambitious retailers, who run a number of stores, a planogram helps in offering their customers, the same shopping experience; regardless of the location.


    We, the PLANPRO team at dEEVOiR, employ sophisticated analytics and ‘best in class’ planogramming software, to create effective planograms for our clients. We cater to Retailers, Brand Manufacturers and Brand Marketing companies from all segments in the retail space.



    PRE Imaging
    Capturing the perfect shot! We’ve been working relentlessly to provide the best product photography experience to our clients. So, if you are looking for product photographers who will do all of the above, at affordable prices. Look no further, we are at your service!


    POST Processing
    How to get it right! We use the best software application for post processing images. We transform raw images into polished and elegant looking finished product images.


    Online Marketplace Management

    An online marketplace (or online e-commerce marketplace) is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.


    Online Marketplace is a one stop shop for business looking to offer their products for sale online.

    We are providing the Platform for the Businesses by Marketplace management.

    We Provides end to end services of Online Marketplace starting from Searching Right Marketplaces & Registration to Logistics & Delivery.

    Audio Video Decoding

    A text document that contains a transcript of everything that is spoken, movement in an audio or video file. It’s useful to observe the consumer behaviour while shopping. Consumer behaviour observation is important to study the market trend and consumers requirement.


    We facilitate the services for helping the Retailers to grow their business.

    Data Management

    Creating & Managing Data Library. Managing large amount of data in the entire process includes product purchase, data aligning, data cleansing & reporting at different stages. Our team executes eContent projects as which include developing product content for web use.


    We are proficient in writing descriptive product copies, editing, extensive rewriting, and proofreading for grammatical and typographical errors, etc. Data management is the architectural development or supervision of plan, policies and procedures so that data enhancement for day to day activities or any urgent basis can be delivered.


    Inventory Management

    Inventory refers to the goods stocked for future use. Every retail chain has its own warehouse to stock the merchandise to be used when the existing stock replenishes.

    The retailer keeps a track of the stocked goods and makes sure there is surplus inventory to avoid being “out of stock”. Such a process is called as inventory management.

    A retailer can’t afford to loose even a single customer.

    It is really important for the retailer to retain his existing customers as well as attract potential buyers. The retailer must ensure that every customer leaves his store with a smile. Inventory management prevents such a situation.

    Store Planning

    Store planning is nothing but, creating a layout or placing within the available space.
    If you are a small-business owner who wants some help planning your store layout, then this is the right pitstop to you. We’ll help you choose your floor plan, decide on your size and placement of aisles, and explain how to map out your products, displays, and registers.


    Store planning is nothing but, creating a layout or placing within the available space.


    Have you ever wondered that customers visit your online store, but leave it in no time? Why? Because they could not find the relevant information they needed to make their final purchase decision!

    Enriched product data means that your customer is not left out speculating about the particulars of your product, and consequently reduces the rate of customer drop outs.


    We are proficient in writing descriptive product copies, editing, extensive rewriting, and proofreading for grammatical and typographical errors, etc.



    Metadata is the collective term for the standard set of identifying information that keeps your product apart from all others.


    We are experts in capturing products detail in a scientific manner. This information can then be further used to create planograms or assortment lists.



    Clean product data invariably leads to higher profits, while erratic data might make you lose your customers.

    The goal of data cleansing is not merely tidying up the data in a database, but also to structure it in a consistent and reliable fashion, present it from various sources, and make it work for multiple users



    It is not done until it is done right! We, at dEEVOiR, use a variety of tools and processes to perform additional data validation and research beyond data capture & analysis. We also map the competitors pricing model and analyse the historic sales data to help you make an informed decision.


    PLANRPO provides end-to-end services for anyone who looks forward to sell their merchandise online.


    Marketplace Identification & Selection
    Searching and Selecting the most appropriate marketplace for your product category.


    Marketplace Registration
    Documentation and Registration on the selected marketplaces.


    Product Imaging
    Uploading images as per the marketplace requirement.


    Content Writing
    Writing descriptive text which 'shout out' about your products USP.


    Creating Catalogue

    Updating pricing, discount, delivery information.


    Inventory Management
    inventory Management on marketplace is extremely important, so as to minimize ‘bad sale’.



    Analysing trends on your online store and give constructive feedback so as to maximise sale.

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  • Planning Pro's

    People behind PlanPro

    Mehul Waskar

    Manager - Operations

    We call him ‘TECH THOR’!

    By day, he is busy fixing technical issues and leading the army of retail analysts.

    Rasika Ghadge

    Manager - Planogramming

    ‘THE MENTOR’! One of the most experienced planogrammer of team PLANPRO. She loves guiding and mentoring team mates.

    Ketan Vaidya

    Assistant Manager - Operations

    ‘A picture can be created in a thousand ways’ by the legendary Ketan “CREATIVE GENIUS” Vaidya. We are glad we have him in our team!

    Abhijit Balkate

    Sr. Executive - Operations


    There is only one thing we have seen Abhijit following passionately – Photography.

    Shubhangi Bavkar

    Sr. Executive - Planogramming

    Affectionately called a ‘PLANOGRAMMING GEEK’. She is one of the most talented and tactful member of Team PLANPRO.

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