Online Inventory Management System in Mumbai

PLANRPO provides end-to-end services for anyone who looks forward to sell their merchandise online.

Marketplace Identification & Selection: Searching and Selecting the most appropriate marketplace for your product category.

Marketplace Registration: Documentation and Registration on the selected marketplaces.

Product Imaging: Uploading images as per the marketplace requirement.

Content Writing: Writing descriptive text which 'shout out' about your products USP.

Creating Catalogue: Updating pricing, discount, delivery information.

Inventory Management: Inventory Management on marketplace is extremely important, so as to minimize ‘bad sale’.

Analytics: Analysing trends on your online store and give constructive feedback so as to maximise sale.

Retail Analytics Services

Planpro specializes in the artwork of scientific pricing for the retail enterprise. We deploy cutting edge mathematical algorithms for retail pricing and promotions by way of our intuitive web based analytical systems. Our instruments give pricing and advertising suggestion by way of a simple user interface deployed over the online whilst leveraging powerful back end tools that process large amounts of data and perform elaborate mathematical computations.

Founded in the year 2003, we have now offices and consultants unfold across the India. Our team includes skilled retail strategy consultants, retail demand modeling mathematicians and pricing analysts who all specialize in deciding upon the right pricing and promotions strategy for a retailer.

Our expertise includes Grocery, Electronics, sporting goods and the Wine & Spirits industry. Our clients variety from the mid to the highest tier shops who leverage our competencies in pricing and promotions. Our small niche and a excessive focal point on providing cutting edge mathematical solutions has enabled us to work instantly with probably the most top retailers and administration consulting businesses.

Our mission is to innovate always in leveraging the vigour of mathematics and data to provide retailers tools that may simplify the procedure of pricing closer to profitability.

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