About Online Store Management Services

dEEVOiR Holdings is a diversified group headquartered in Mumbai. The various businesses under dEEVOiR Holdings are Retail Analytics, Consulting, Trading, Learning & Development, Digital Marketing and Capital Advisory. PLANPRO is a spun off retail advisory arm of dEEVOiR which endeavours to provide various services, to retailers, under one roof. PLANPRO is a portmanteau of PLANning and PROducts. PLANPRO’s team of PLANning PROfessionals service vital business functions in the Retail Industry. PLAN the PROducts you wish to sell in your retail outlet or on your Online Store. Leave your Retail Outlet layout to our PLANogram PROfessionals; your product images, e-content and online marketplace management to our PLANning PROfessionals; reap the fruits of our engagement. It’s that SIMPLE!

Planpro – A subsidiary of Deevoir Holdings, having comprehensive 13 years’ of experience in providing unified ready-to-use analytics solutions built exclusively for retail industries all over India, having forte in areas like Mumbai & Pune. Planpro is transforming decisions making approach at world’s leading retail brands. Explore how we fuse analytics, data and technology to deliver results. We recognize analytics is a competitive advantage to understand customers and make better decisions. We deliver acumen, innovation and impact to them through predictive analytics.

Our job is to help companies move towards higher levels of sophisticated and institutionalized use of analytics.
Our solutions are built on following parameters -
1. Customer Insights and Analytic
2. Marketing Effectiveness
3. Business Intelligence We can be your – Consultant (By conceptualizing and defining solutions to your retail business needs) Researcher (By digging out the latest technological solutions to speed up your retail business) Strategic Partner (By operating, scaling and institutionalizing analytics for better data driven decisions)

Our services mainly include –


2.Imaging Services

3.Data Management

4.Online Marketplace Management Services